Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's resolutions

So... here are my New Year's resolutions:

1) be more brave (see previous post)

2) keep seeing beauty, the little detail

3) bring more creativity into work 
(my job: lawyer. Specialization: intellectual property law. 
And this is where the good things happen: 
intellectual property = law + creation = me in my element)

4) continue with this blog / post more regularly 
(4 day work week, baby, .... where to find the time...?! 
I'll do my best = promise to myself)

5) stop losing phones...

6) chocolate and wine: enjoy but try not to overdose

7) go with the flow (thanks Rosa for the insight)

8) appreciate all the goods things in life and accept the bad 
(cliché - sorry - but has proven to keep me on the happy trail!)

9) eliminate the moth community that has taken over my closet

10) last but not least - go to at least one of the following cities: 
Paris (prettiness all over) / Berlin (Lasse & Shino, cool, 
Currywurst) / London (Marnix, Kim, Kerry, MORO, 
Borough Market) / Stockholm (never been there, ACNE 
+ 50 other reasons)

What are yours?

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